Home Learning 19/12/19 – 05/01/20

You have all worked really hard this term and made lots of progress! Over the Christmas holidays, remember to do these things:

Read every day. This might be your library book, or a newspaper, a recipe, a non-fiction book etc. Remember to read with an adult at least twice and ask them to sign your Reading Record. If you have lost this book, they can sign your Homework Diary.

Practice your multiplication and division facts – there will be 10 games to play on TTRS each week, but you should play / practice more often than this if you want to retain this important knowledge.

Well-being home learning – play a board game or cook together.


Costume for the Winter Production (pirate) – black trousers (which can be rolled up to just below knees), bright socks (ideally striped but not essential) and a white t-shirt (which you can make ‘ragged’ at home if you wish). Bring this in by Monday at the latest!

Reverse Advent Calendar – bring in an item for Ms Turner to donate to the homeless community she supports in Clapham. Ideas below:Ideas:

  • scarves and gloves
  • small packets of crisps
  • cereal bars
  • chocolate bars
  • new socks and underwear
  • other Christmas treats


Our winter production is nearly upon us – below are the lyrics and song we will be singing and dancing to in the production. Learn the lyrics so we are ready to choreograph our dance next week!

Wait 8

Cutlass arrr arrr X4 AARGH

Wait 4

Cutlass arrr arrr X4 AARGH

When you come to us we are ready,

Pirates sailing on the seven seas,

To mess with us would really foolish be,

If you were wise you’d turn around and flee, 


Arrrrrrr! Arrrrrr! We’ll cut you down, cut you down down! 

Arrrrrr! Arrrr! Leave you to drown, leave you to drown!

We’re just a motley crew,

there’s nothing you can do, 

We’ve a parrot and a cutlass baby!

We’re just a motley crew, 

And yes we can be cruel

With our parrot and our cutlass baby! 

Woah….we love our cutlass!

Woah….we love our cutlass! 

Cutlass! Cutlass arrr arrr! X4 (Not second time)

You couldn’t defeat pirates strong as us,

Even with one eye we still cause a fuss.

We’ll make you walk the plank for us and then

We’ll drink some rum and start over again! 


(Cutlass dance?) 8

(solo pirates rap?)

In almost every sense

We are beyond repentance

And if you had common sense

You’d run a mile.

And if you start asking why

We have a patch on one eye

Then you must prepare to die

You scurvy dog! 


We, wanna rob you,

take all of your valuables from you, 

We all have no virtues,

Our cutlass is the thing that we cling to!

We cling to! 

Chorus etc until end

The Water Cycle!

Listen to these songs about the Water Cycle. What key vocabulary can you identify? Do you know what it means? 

Ms Whitaker thinks snow is the best type of precipitation because she can go skiing on it. Do you agree with her? Explain your answer!

We are the Planets!


We are the planets of the Solar System

Different sizes for every one

The music never ends

We are such good friends

And we all orbit the sun


Here comes the Sun, rapping first on this track, from the beginning

I’m the centre of the solar system, planets be spinning

Around me, so hot, I’m roasting, ya see?

Now I pass the mic to the planet closest to me


Mercury! The smallest planet, small as Earth’s moon (MOON: “Yo!”)

I get super-hot and cold and I spin very slow


I’m Venus! I’ve got mountains and volcanoes that spray

I’m the same size as Earth but spin the opposite way


Yeah, I’m Earth, I’m the home to every boy and girl

(Sung by Stars) Such a beautiful, beautiful world


I’m Mars, the red planet, I’ve got deserts and ice

And I’ve got two moons – nice – that’s like one moon, twice!


I’m Jupiter! The biggest planet, I’m humungous, gargantuan

I spin the fastest, rap the fastest, plus I’m handsome!


 Oh please, I’m Saturn, check out my beautiful rings

Made up of billions of rocks, dust, and other things


I’m Uranus, I say that with pride, okay, I lied

I’m embarrassed ’cause I’m the only planet lying on its side


I’m Neptune, I’m cold, dark, windy and mysterious

I’m very stormy, so bring an umbrella – I’m serious


We’re the planets in the Solar System

Different sizes for every one

The music never ends

We are such good friends

And we all orbit the sun

Harvest Rap!

  Cauliflowers fluffy, and cabbages green

Carrots are sweet, once they are clean

Pile them on my plate, now don’t be mean

I’m a 5-a-day, go play, veg- eating machine!

Chocolate bars, you can’t sell to me

I spend my money, on celery

Guarantee, there’s no stopping me

When the plate I see, has some broccoli

  One potato, two potato, three potato, four

We’ll clap in the air and tap on the floor

You think you’re tough? You think you’re hard?

You need to grow veggies, out in your yard.

Dig them up muddy, but fresh and sweet,

The tasty, no-wastey, treat to eat.

Just give them a clean, under the tap,

Turn around, touch the ground, our vegetable rap!

We’re healthy girls, and healthy boys,

so don’t make a fuss, when we make some noise

Five a day, yeah, that’s the rule,

I ain’t no fool, I’m cool in this school.

  Let me hear you, hear you shout

I’m goin’ crazy on a Brussel Sprout.

Blackberries juicy, and rhubarb sour

We’re getting healthier, hour by hour

Double double, toil and trouble

Heat the veg, and make them bubble

Five a day goodness, for me and for you

We love vegetables, and rapping too!


River Research!

In class we researched information about the River Thames and made notes in our humanities books. Your home learning task is to choose a different river to research and make notes on it.

Ideas: Nile, Mississippi, Danube, Amazon

Things to include:

  • Name
  • Length
  • Location – source, mouth, counties, cities, countries
  • Tributaries
  • How it helps the communities it runs through.
  • Is the river linked to any historical events?
  • Do any sporting events happen on or around it?
  • Has it ever caused any damage to people / places?




Why don’t all rocks look the same?

Answer our Big Science Question below. Can you use any scientific vocabulary?

Joshua wrote:

Why are all rocks different?

All rocks are different because the ocean waves cause rocks to bang together and make smaller stones. Also rocks do not have the same colour because of their minerals. Stones sizes are different because they get hit over and over again by water and wind.